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Snow Removal

Winter is on the horizon… and like many who see this season as shivering days and nights, or streets, driveways, schools, and workplaces filled with the accumulation of snow and ice, you more than likely have only one thing on your mind. Who can you call to remove the snow and ice and provide you with exceptional winter services?


The professionals at Sonic Asphalt Services are experienced at removing snow and ice and keeping the walkways and drivable areas city-compliant and safe. We carry the latest equipment necessary to undertake any snow removal projects whether for the home, roadways, or businesses. For more information on our winter snow removal maintenance services for your business or private property, fill out the form below today!

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Applying salt after plowing your property helps rid it of snow and ice. Commercial property owners should utilize this approach during the winter season months especially when they have high-traffic areas. Regardless of whether your property is visited regularly by residents, merchants, or customers, melting ice through salting will guarantee that there are fewer auto collisions and a reduced number of slip-and-fall occurrences. 


Our team at Sonic Asphalt Services utilizes an ice liquefy blend that is demonstrated to be less hurtful to the climate, creatures, and paved or concrete surfaces. In addition, it has been attested to be a profoundly powerful approach to shield frost or iciness from developing in an area that has been cleared of ice. For more information on our winter salt removal maintenance services for your business or private property, contact us today!

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Snow and Ice Management 

The winter season poses many challenges for residents as well as businesses. The accumulation of snow and ice oftentimes makes it difficult for residents to use their sidewalks, while commuting to work is even more challenging. It also makes it problematic for businesses to maintain safe walkways and parking lots for their employees and their customers, which in turn, affects their business revenue. 


Snow and ice accumulation can damage parking lots and parking lot garages due to the increased weight. It can also damage concrete sidewalks posing a potential threat to pedestrians and creating a liability for businesses with the possibility of lawsuits. For more information on our winter snow and ice management services for your business or private property, will out the form below today!.

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