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Parking Lot Restoration

Sonic Asphalt Services - parking sweeping

People form a first impression and form a mental image of that encounter. As a business, it is important that your parking lot is impressionable especially since it is the first thing your customers will see. No one wants to drive their vehicle on a potted surface with the possibility of experiencing a blowout to their tires or having their vehicle misaligned. Here at Sonic Asphalt Services, we make sure your parking lot looks its best, leaving your guest with a lasting impression. 


To begin with, we repair all potholes completely, indentations, and crazing cracks (spider cracking). After that, all cracks are filled, and the entire parking lot is swept of debris. Next, a water-based or petroleum-based sealant is applied to lot’s surface. Curation usually takes approximately 24-hours, then the lot is ready for a repaint of parking lines, speed humps, along with the parking curbs. 

Resurfacing asphalt can be expensive, but the above restoration method is 85% less costly. To make sure your parking lot retains its newly restored appearance, a maintenance plan is highly recommended. Depending on the amount of traffic your parking lot receives, you can expect it to last for approximately 10-15 years. 


Spray Patching

Spray patching is a viable asphalt upkeep treatment compared to other maintenance methods. The machine utilizes high-pressure air to dig deep into crevices to remove any fragments of trash or debris. This allows for the secure binding of the repair mix with the asphalt to be repaired. Afterwards, the emulsion tack is sprayed on the cleared area. This is followed up with a mixture of the aggregate and emulsion tack sprayed into the pothole using compressed air to ensure it fills the cracks and crevices.

Sonic Asphalt Services - Spray Patching
Sonic Asphalt Services - Pothole Repair

Pothole Repair

Potholes are brought about by the expansion and contraction of groundwater that has settled under the pavement. The pavement becomes weakened under these conditions and as cars, trucks, and buses drive over the shaky foundation, the black-top begins to collapse from the heaviness of vehicles and expands the asphalt; resulting in more damage.

Seal coating

For best protection of your black-top pavement, use asphalt seal coating. Our company offers the best high-quality sealer and it is used along with top-quality equipment to guard against destructive components. Broaden the life of your black-top while bringing back a flawless surface at a price that won’t break the bank.

Sonic Asphalt Services - Seal Coating
Sonic Asphalt Services - Crack Filling

Crack Filling

Preserving the life span of your black-top surface is dependent on how well you fill in the cracks. When water is able to seep into the cracks of the asphalt it deteriorates the layer of aggregate material. It’s an absolute must to properly fill the cracks to sustain the strength of your black-top investment. Our company utilizes professional or commercial-grade hot-pour sealants to guarantee the longevity of your asphalt mixture.

Line Painting

Restore Your Business Property To Newness With Fresh Parking Lines!


The initial reaction of what kind of business you operate occurs when your customers see your parking area. Newly painted lines and guiding signs will naturally help the presence of your business outside, plus guarantee protection from harm of people walking about or driving.

Sonic Asphalt Services - line painting